UK NEQAS CPT is committed to providing a service of the highest quality andendeavours to take into consideration the needs of its participants in allaspects of their Schemes. We offer participants a full quality assuranceprogramme, approved by UK NEQAS and subject to strict oversight.

Currently UK NEQAS CPT offers 6 assessment cycles per year in the following modules;

  • General Pathology

  • Neuropathology

  • Renal Biopsy

  • Muscle Histochemistry

  • Non Gynae Diagnostic Cytology

  • Additional Specialist schemes and pilot modules

 UK NEQAS CPT are currently taking 2016 - 17 subscriptions

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Details of each module can be found in the Module Information section under Registration.

Participants are assessed for the quality of their staining preparations in both Haematoxylin and Eosin stained sections and special staining methods. Each test run (cycle) requires participants to submit two H&E examples from their own laboratory workload and two special stains on material provided by the Scheme. 

All submitted slides are anonymised, so that assessments are carried out blind and all material is returned following assessment.  Complete participant confidentiality maintained throughout all of our processes. 

Results are available on line and our results package shows accumulated historical activity that highlights improvement or decreases in quality.

The Members Area of the website boasts colour images of stains and artefacts in the Image Gallery and details of high scoring methods within the Best Methods section.  Also readily available to members is the Document Library and Members Forum.

We also publish a newsletter 3 times a year with up to date information on the scheme and best methods

The current Participant Manual is available which gives full details of the UK NEQAS for CPT participation and the Schemes we currently provide  Participant Manual 2016-17

UKNEQAS for CPT  is a member of the UKNEQAS organisation which provides EQA programmes throughout pathology (Quality Policy)